IIARD® Research Tips for New Research Entrants

How to choose research domain

  • Research domain must be latest and research title must be unique. The research project must be useful for either society or industry.
  • When you decide title of research, check if there is similar title is already present in Shodhganga national thesis repository and/or any other international repository. If so, change your title.
  • Writing synopsis/EOI/Research Proposal is a very first and important pillar of research. Get adequate knowledge to formulate research problem statement.
  • The best research is that for which we can file patent.
  • A good researcher must maintain research diary where he/she can note all research followups.
  • Always get your research work reviewed before publishing.
  • Indian research scenario needs to be changed in case of PhD research. UGC often gives research funds, those funds need to be utilized properly.
  • Before starting estimation phase of funded project, researcher must carry feasibility survey to measure success factor of project.
  • It is very important to publish his/her paper at high impact factor journals. It implies that your research is acceptable at international level.
  • In ideal research, researcher may publish reference book or text book of his/her domain.
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