IIARD® Project Showcase of few notable research assistance

1) Renewable Energy Sources:
One of our projects “Energy Generation for Implantable Medical Devices Using Microbial Fuel Cell” has been selected for publication by IEEE. Also as a new renewable source for power generation Microbial Fuel Cell, publication has been published by IEEE, Seattle Conference.

2) Environmental Engineering:
Microbial Fuel Cell project also involved in process of waste water treatment for Municipal Corporation. This will be an economical source to get clean water or water recycling.

3) Neem as a bio-pesticide:
Currently are scholars working on research and testing of this project is at Ajay Biotics, Pune.

4) Pro-biotic Development Study and testing

5) Brain tumor image processing

6) Signal processing for various spectrum levels:

7) Software Risk Analysis and Risk Prediction Product Development

8) Soil testing for fertilizer analysis

9) Private cloud infrastructure development for research hub

10) Psychological study of mentally retarded childrens under Delhi region

11) Women Empowerment Cell Analysis for India

12) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Analysis of implementation

13) Earthquek protected structural framework testing for domestic infrastructure

14) Block quqlity testing and enhancement of structural material using flyash mixture

15) Bi-directional rotating wheel design for wind power infrastructure

16) English literature research - Selected Plays of james galsworthy for "Altruism"

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