About us - IIARD®

IIARD ®Pune- Consulting Research/Patents in management, sciences, engineering and bio-medical fields. It has built-up exceptional proficiency and facilities for the analysis, design, and testing for divergent research related areas. It is curious about nurturing new ideas and enhanced the degree of outlook while delivering pure science. Now researcher or Ph.D. Scholar can meet in person to resolve any research theory/analysis problems and no need to get consultation in distance mode.

It encompasses discovery and learning in an interdisciplinary environment that reflects the complexities and realities of real-world technology. It intends to develop competence in engineering and biomedical practice and to produce researchers with the depth and breadth of education expected for success in technological innovation and for effective leadership of interdisciplinary teams throughout their careers.


The mission of the Indian Institute for Advanced Research Development, IIARD ® is to advance the science of learning by bringing together leading researchers in the cognitive, social, and educational sciences. This mission has guided IIARD® in its programs of basic and applied research, its demonstration projects, and its direct support of school improvement and reform.

To encourage UG, PG and Doctoral scholars to carry their research work at IIARD® and target for patent work, so that to utilize brain power to invent hidden powers.



Our staff is proficient in taking up complex or novel assignments requiring the development of new or improved research, techniques and procedures.

Our central service is to encourage scientific and educational activities towards the betterment of research focus by enhancing the theory and practice of Computer Science, Information Technology, Renewable Energy Projects, Electronics, Communication and Management.

Biomedical Research initiates basic research in the reproductive sciences. Also it has taken keen interest in exploring the ancient Indian sciences and techniques and crafting a new outlook as per the present day requirement.

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