How to Choose Research Domain

  • Research domain must be latest and research title must be unique. The research project must be useful for either society or industry.
  • When you decide title of research, check if there is similar title is already present in Shodhganga national thesis repository and/or any other international repository. If so, change your title.
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    Project Showcase

    IIARD® Project Showcase of Few Notable Research Assistance

  • 1. Renewable Energy Sources : One of our projects “Energy Generation for Implantable Medical Devices Using Microbial Fuel Cell” has been selected for publication by IEEE. Also as a new renewable source for power generation Microbial Fuel Cell, publication has been published by IEEE, Seattle Conference.
  • 2. Environmental Engineering : Microbial Fuel Cell project also involved in process of waste water treatment for Municipal Corporation. This will be an economical source to get clean water or water recycling.
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