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It was a great experience with IIARD® IT Training. I would like to thank all the faculty members and office staff who supported me throughout my course. I will always be thankful to IIARD®....
Hurang J. Dec 2016

Dear Shruti madam, I am Savitha, a student of Java batch at IIARD. Following is my testimonial on the project sessions that were conducted by you. The real-time implementation taught by you were very impressive especially the database connectivity which is used to fetch the dynamic data ...
Savitha Aug 2016


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Scrum Certification

microsoft training oracle training software testing cisco training Scrum certification & training


Scrum Chamber® Affiliated Certification


IIARD® - IIARD® Pune is an authorised center for Scrum Chamber® Certification & Training and Examinination".
Regular/weekend in-house batches are starting from 6th Jan 2018 at Pune,Mumbai, Agra and Vadodara.

Educational institutions and Colleges can approach for one day "Scrum Chamber® Workshops".

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Scrum Chamber® Affiliated Certifications:

1. Scrum Chamber® certified Scrum Foundation
2. Scrum Chamber® certified Scrum Trainer
3. Scrum Chamber® certified Scrum Master
4. Scrum Chamber® Workshops for freshers and professors