Amhi Anubhavlela Amaizing America|| Authors:Dhananjay Bhise & Anita Bhise


Excellent Live Literature Appreciation

IIARD® Pune appreciating efforts, liveliness, thought peach for everyone who loves traveling and for those who dream to travel. We appreciate the author views towards life, approach towards dreams, patience towards writing dreams as they see it together. We as a reader feel like we are living and traveling throughout Amazing America while reading the book. We analyzed that reader who doesn't like to travel across the globe and avoid rigorous thinking are with amazing feeling after finishing the book.

We suggest this book as a reference book before you fly America. We insist author write more books and put more views and guide us to initiate new thought processes. We appreciate Mrs. Anita Bhise for valuable support and contribution. She poured the essence to trip though kids were away during the trip.

As without pillars nothing can be stand out, we appreciate understanding and support by kid's Uncle, Aunts, and most hats-off to Grandparents who motivated the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Bhise are not fictitious writers but they are writers of the true journey, true dreams, and true experiences. This book initiates a thousand of thoughts and it's our pleasure to catch all thoughts to convey and implement the messages.

Salute to Emerging Authors of Maharashtra

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